Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stressed out.

Ahh..So I've been lazy at posting lately. I just haven't had the energy. I hope I'm not the only one that gets like that sometimes. But I have been sick, busy with work, busy with a sick baby big girl, who I will always call my baby. And stressed out. I'm having problems with some teachers at Jalenas school.

WARNING: This is long, if you make it to the end, and have any comments, THANK YOU! I appreciate it. I hope the story is not too confusing!

Where do I start? Ok, Jalenas teacher is Ms. K-(whom I love! she is great with Jalena, and Jalena loves her!) she is in the 1 year old class. Well around 3:00 every day all of the 1 year old kids go into the 2 year old class to play. I usually pick up J around 4:15. So she spends a little over an hour in the 2 year old class playing, with her teacher Ms.K and the 2 yr old teacher Ms.R. Well Ms. R is a nice lady, but has a problem. She yells. And I have walked in on her yelling at a kid (differnt kids) about 6 times now, my mom has noticed it, and so has another parent that I'm friendly with. Now when I say Ms. R yells, I mean she yells when the kid is 2 feet in front of her, like an angry yell. I can compare it to the type of yelling I would do if Jalena was about to run in the street, or touch something hot. The type of yelling that is not called for, especially when you are only the teacher, and the kids are 2 years old. I just think it is totally uncalled for! So I said something to the director, for the 2nd time! I expressed my concerns and told her that I did not want my daughter yelled at like that (I haven't caught her yelling at Jalena, but I wanted to make sure it would never happen), and something had to be done! So supposedly they talked to the teacher, or shall I say obviously. Now when I pick up J from school, I go to Ms. R's class, before I said something to the director she would always say hi, and say "Jalena, Mommy's here!", and every time she would say "Bye, Jalena!", well not anymore! When I walk in the room, she looks the other way, acts as if I'm not there, and never says bye to Jalena. Now, there are two 2 year old teachers, the other one is Ms.S. She teaches the "older" 2 year olds! So, in the morning when I drop Jalena off at school Ms.K is not there yet. So she stays with Ms.A (Ms.A teaches the big kids, 5-8th grade) & Ms.S. Well every morning, Ms.S would say Good Morning, we would talk, laugh, and were really friendly with each other, oh and she would say hi to Jalena. Nope, not anymore! I'm assuming that since Ms.R and Ms.S are the 2 year old teachers, they probably are good friends, and talk. So therefore have formed an alliance against me! Well,It's been 3 weeks since I said something to the director. I said Good Morning to Ms. A and Ms.S 2 different times, and Ms. S did not respond. Well, last week I was asking Ms. S and Ms.A a question about school lunches, and Ms.S did not look at me, was rolling her eyes, and was staring at the wall. Can you say immature @$%&! SO I just ignored it. I got really upset on Monday, we were running late, and when I got to school Ms. K (Jalena's teacher) and Ms. R (the yelling 2 year old teacher) were in J's classroom, when I said "Good Morning" to both of the teachers, Ms.R ignored my comment, and walked right past me. So I went to the director AGAIN, in tears this time, and told her everything that has been going on, basically she said it was BS and was going to talk to the other Director, the owners daughter. I got upset because I don't want my daughter mistreated because her mom is a bia! I only had the kids best interest, and emotional well being in mind. There are other ways to discipline, you don't have to yell like that! I don't think that the teacher(s) will mistreat her, but not saying Good Morning, or bye says alot. Oh, did I mention, when my mom has picked up Jalena 2 times this week, Ms. R has said bye to her! So it goes to show you they just don't like me! Well....Jalena will be 2 in 8 months, wow, I can't believe it! yeah 8 months is a long time, but its really not! And I will not let my daughter go into either of those "beasts" class rooms, especially with the attitude they have! I should not have to feel uncomfortable bringing my daughter to school, I pay so much for her to get good care, and have been so happy with her infant, and teacher now. I don't want to switch schools in the near future, but I might have to.

So that's what I've been soo stressed about the past few weeks!

But...I do have something I am looking forward to, and can not wait!!
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Yes, ONLY 3 days!! WE are leaving on Sunday around 1 and will be home on Wednesday afternoon! I can not wait!

I am on vacation from work until March 9th! I got my hair done yesterday, went shopping today, and have a nail and pedi appt tomorrow! I love doing things for myself, which I dont often get to do, so the past few days have been wonderful!


Veda's Mommy said...

I'm so sorry that you have to deal with that crap. I hope you find a solution that works so that you dont have to worry. Have a great time at Disney!

Crystal said...

What I am wondering is why did the director or whoever even mention your name when talking with the yelling teacher?? your complaint should have been anonymous since it wasnt directly related to your child.

Courtney said...

I agree with Crystal! I dont get why they mentioned your name when the complaint wasnt directly made about your child but instead about the teacher and her ways of discipline.

I hope that what ever happens that you can find a way to keep J there so she wont have to leave all her friends. Sounds like these teachers need an attitude adjustment.

I hope you have fun at disney. We were there mar. 9th - 13th last year and it was so fun. The weather was great and they werent as crowded. We are going in april this year. Have FUN!!!

Kristine said...

Ita what C said. That is complete CRAP. Sorry your dealing with all of that. Have a great trip though! I'm so jealous, lol.