Thursday, June 11, 2009


Jalena had her surgery yesterday and was sooo good!! Surgery started at 8:30, by 9am the DR came out to tell us all went well. By 9:05, the nurse came to get us and said Jalena had just woken up..then by 9:30 we were out of there!! She slept a little on the way home, by the time we got home she was her normal self..you couldn't even tell she had surgery!! :) I am so proud of her!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I am alive! :-)

Hi!! Yes, WE are alive! Sorry I have not posted in so long, things have been really busy here. After my surgery I had a hard time the first week...which I am glad to say that I am very happy that I had the surgery done. I have lost 24 pounds!! Still working on loosing more, but so far so good!! Work has been super busy lately, I used to check blogger about 5-7x's a day and now I am down to about 3x's per week!!!! lol..I've been taking on alot of other projects, in addition to my work, so thats what keeping me busy!! We also recently moved and have not had Internet in 2 weeks, which is driving me crazy!! lol...The new house is awesome..much bigger, alot more room for Jalena to run around. She is doing great, talking so much, even though she doesn't always listen, but I think we are starting "Terrible 2's" early! Tomorrow is her surgery for her tubes in her ears. She had a hearing test today and passed. I am excited for the surgery because it will be some relief for her. 10 ear infections in 10 months is just too much!!! Will update when I can....sorry for being a stranger!!!