Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Our Disney trip.

Soo..we are back, from the vacation from Hell! Keep reading to find out why, the picture below here is me and J on the way to the hotel . We stayed at this hotel because I found a great package on ebay for $79.00 for 3 nights, plus 2 Disney tickets, I only had to attend a 3 and 1/2 hour presentation that was high pressure, annoying, and I could not wait to get out of! 90 minute no pressure timeshare presentation. Now for the hotel, Which was not as nice as the pictures! First hotel room smelt like mildew, the second one smelt like cigarette smoke, and the third one was ok.

Well, we checked in on Sunday. Jalena had diarrhea all week, which I assumed was from her antibiotics, from her ear infection. Well, she woke up Sunday night/Monday at 1:30 in the morning, throwing up. Went back to sleep, still had diarrhea in the am though. So Monday I went to that presentation, then we went to the Outlet mall, I started to feel sick, was in the bathroom there , experiencing the wonderful side affect of the stomach flu, begged to go back to the hotel, where I slept a few hours then was throwing up. Then on Tuesday we had plans to go to Disney World, but the boyfriend was sick and was experiencing the stomach flu, so every day it was one of our turns. But, he was definitely a trooper, and came with us! He did have to take breaks on the bench, and in the bathroom, but he was great! So we had a great time in Disney, it was freezing! It was in the 40's and my Floridian self, was wearing sandals, and was soo cold!

Here we are waiting for the ferry boat!

Jalena and Daddy waiting on "It's a small world"ride.

Definitely meeting the Princesses' was our favorite part. Jalena was in awe when she met Belle.

SO that's it, we are finally home. I don't go back to work till Monday, which is going to come too fast!! Tomorrow I have lots of unpacking to do! It is nice to be home though. It was fun going to Disney, but a horrible trip because we all got sick!


Candace said...

Welcome home! I am sorry that you all had the stomach bug, but it looked like you had a little fun in the end. :) Love the pictures with Belle! Those are adorable! We are hoping to get to Disney maybe next spring when Gracie is a little bit older, and we have a little money saved up. :) Again... great to have you back! :) BTW... I am having a giveaway if you wanna enter... you have about 45 minutes before I close it down. :)

Tricia said...

sick in Disney World?? is that legal??? I am pretty sure its not!!

brandi said...

welcome back! Sorry you guys got sick..love the pictures! You are so beautiful Christine!