Monday, February 2, 2009

50th post! Blogging Giveaway!!

**UPDATE Friday Night 1:32am**The Giveaway has ended, I will post the winner sometime tomorrow!

Yay to me! I have made it to 50 posts! And I must say that I am quite addicted to this blogging life! Just wish I had more exciting things to post about sometimes! lol...So, in honor of my "50th" post, I am doing a giveaway!
My giveaway is for an adorable customized hair clip holder! You let me know the letter you want, and I will even coordinate the colors to match the room!And...as an extra I will throw in some hair clips too!!

Here is one I made for my daughter last week:

All you have to do is leave me a comment below, let me know what letter you would like and what design or colors, and for an additional entry....follow me! and.... For a third entry you can follow me on Twitter! Just make sure you leave an additional comment letting me know you did!!
Good Luck! I will announce the winner on Friday February 6th! If you don't have a blog please leave your e-mail address with your comment! Thanks!
If you don't have any girls, think of a friend, sister, neighbor who would love to have one for their princess! Next Giveaway I promise not to discriminate!
P.S.-This giveaway is only open to the U.S.!


Courtney said...

Those are beautiful! Congrats on your 50th post! Today will be my 150th! I have so many nieces to pick from its so hard to just pic one. I think i will pick the my 4 year old niece Jayden as she is such a princess. I really hope i win but if i dont i hope you will share how you made these!

Veda's Mommy said...

That's nifty your up to fifty!Congrats! Those letters are adorable! I would like to pick the letter H for Momma Sheids little one Hannah, this would be adorable in her room!

Tricia said...

How adorable!! congrats on making it to 50!!!! I would love the letter E for Miss Emily

Janda said...

congrates on your article that is awesome!! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of those, I have two girl which means hair clips EVERYWHERE!!!! I would like the letter K with hot Pink!!

Candace said...

I really love the your giveaway! So cute! You are very talented! I would love to have the letter G in pastel Pinkie colors.

Candace said...

Oh... and I am following your blog.. and on twitter! :)

Shirliana said...

Congrats on 50!
I'm twitting you :)
But I don't know how to "follow you"

And if I win... An "A" in Princess Pink for my Princess Amelia would be perfect!

Thanks so much!

AmandaSue said...

Congrats on 50 posts! And the bow holder you made is so cute! If I won I'd go with an A and anything with pink. Thanks for entering me. unforgetable_dreamer_always AT hotmail DOT com

Jen said...

What a great giveaway! If I were to win I would like the Letter Z in the color purple for my Little Zoey.



Jen said...

I also follow you on Twitter and I follow your blog! Thanks for a chance to win! Happy 50th!


christin said...

congrats on the big 5-0:) these are so cute!! i would love an "A" for my little Ariana and the colors you used would be perfect:) thanks!

Whimsical Creations said...

Congrats!! I would love a L in pink/red/green.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com

Wishsong said...

I would get one for my mother, D. Since she has been going back and forth on growing her hair long and short, she has gotten into funky hair clips and loves them.
Thanks for the opportunity! They are so cute!


Mama Sheids said...

so very cute :)

DG said...

congrats on 50 posts! blogging is definitely fun!

that's such a beautiful holder. I'd probably pick C for my lil sis! :)


marshan said...

COngrats on your 50th post!!!
Those bow holders are adorable!!!I would have to pick my one and only daughter's name, MAKENNA in pink, pink, pink!!! :)

Melanie said...

I love it! If I win, I'd love a "M' for my daughter Megan.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

dctm said...

J in Purple would be great for my niece! Thanks, Christie

dctm at bellsouth dot net

~ Cee ~ said...

How gorgeous! I would love the letter 'E' for my daughter, as well as the color pink. Thank you again!

ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Aaron and Melissa said...

I would like the letter B- her room is light pink/dark brown- so something to match it. I also started following your blog...

Estela said...

Congrats on 50! Here's to many many more!

Please enter me. I'd love the letter I in pink with yellow ribbon. Those are the colors I want to redecorate her room in!

Whateverlyn said...

How cute you are.
I would love the letter E.
Thank you.
My email adress falecomaevelyn@gmail.com

Melissa said...

OMG, I absolutely LOVE those. Great job!

If I'd be so lucky to win, I'd love the letter I for my daughter, Isla. Her room is pink and lavender. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, I just added you to my follow list.

Congrats on the 50th post!

Tina said...

Oh how cute! I would love an "M" for Meg in hot pink:)


Homemaker said...

Congrats on your 50th post!! You go girl!! I would pick the letter A for Alysha and would love it to be lilac color.


Homemaker said...

I'm now a follower!! :o)