Friday, February 6, 2009

Final Hours.

I am going to be closing the contest tonight sometime after Jalena goes to bed! Stay posted! And I can not believe all the entries that I got, 27 holy cow!!!!!!!!!! lol...I never expected more than
5-10..thats awesome! Even tho, I will never beat MckMama still very impressive to me!
I was supposed to have a GNO tonight to see "He's just not that into you!" but,not sure if we are still on, so hopefully If I don't go out, the winner will be posted tonight. I think I might make a video of me picking the winner! hmmm...should I?

I'm sure you all are wondering what's going on with my new toy..my Nikon D40. I have been playing with it, but am soo lost! I am hoping to be a pro by the time we go on Vacation! I will dedicate some time reading each night and play with it during the day!


Candace said...

You are going to love the Nikon D40! I have it, and could not live without my wonderful camera! Once you get the hang of it, you will love it. They also have a ton of DVD's and books that you can get to go with it. I would recommend the DVD's over the books. Very helpful!

Mama Sheids said...

woohoo fellow d40 lover ;)