Sunday, January 11, 2009

Productive weekend.

We had a great weekend! Very productive! Friday I picked J up from school and we hung out outside all afternoon playing, although when she kept trying to run into the street I decided to take her to the park.

We went to the park @ 5:30, at 5:40 the Park Ranger closed the park, I was very upset and protested that the park didn't close till 5:45, and we still had 5 minutes, needless to say..I didn't win! So we left, and Daddy came over.

One of Jalenas favorite foods:: CARROTS! I told Jalena let's go sit in your highchair, we can put the carrots on your chair, and that is exactly what she did! lol

One very excited little girl, to be eating her veges!

Jalena's new obsession...

Only problem is when she is eating it, we go through alot of shirt changes!

Saturday afternoon Kristen and I took the girls to get icees...here they are! Best Friends like their Mommys!

Oh, I hit publish and forgot to mention, my highlight of the weekend, I got to sit at the Dr's again, on Saturday morning! J has another ear infection :-(

Have a great week!

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Kristine said...

I'm so jealous of you getting to go to the park. It's like 20 degrees here! Adorable pics!