Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby? or Big girl?

Today was such a fun afternoon! I picked up J from school, we stopped by my friends house to say hi! Then came home had dinner, then colored! Here is J hard at work!

Tonight after bath time!

So while I was Christmas shopping I came across something that I knew would be valuable for us in the next few months. I decided to take it out now, to get Jalena used to it. I now show you her new favorite "toy":

She loves to sit on it, I always let her sit for a few minutes before bath time, and yesterday she even went pee-pee! :-) So now I ask, baby or big girl?

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Crystal said...

aww I wish Alana would use the damn toilet lol. Today I dared to put her in panties and we sat on the toilet for almost an hour singing and reading books.. finally I give up and we get up and see pees on the floor less then 2 minutes later..sigh.