Friday, January 23, 2009

Contest Anyone?

So..I was feeling rather crafty tonight, and went up to Michaels, the craft store....And decided to make a hair clip holder. I made one for Jalena and one for my best friends daughter, Kaylee. Here is the finished product:

It was so much fun making them! lol..Painting made me feel like a kid again. I was actually thinking of having a little contest nothing MckMama size, just something small, and was going to giveaway some babylegs, that have gone unopened...but now I'm thinking of having a contest and I can make one of these for your little one's hair bows, or if you don't have a girl..then maybe for someone you know? What do you all think? Anyone in? If I have enough people who will participate, say like 5-10.Of course the more, then better, but I'm saying 5-10 because well, I don't have much blogging buddies! lol ...then It's a go.. Let me know, and I will think of what kind of contest to have to give away one of these adorable clip holders!


Stephanie said...

Those are so cute, great job!!!

I would be interested, except I just made my girls a bow holder this morning!

Allie said...

Those are so cute! I came across your blog searching for moms in the area.I hope you don't mind. We just moved here from Ohio a while ago so it's been a huge change but a lot of fun! Anyway Love the blog and your daughter is adorable!!