Friday, January 23, 2009

My daughter.

Soo yesterday I got another lovely phone call from Jalenas school. It was 9:25am, I dread any phone call from the school. I knew it was either she was sick, or she got hurt and they called just to inform me. NOPE! Neither. She recently has picked up on a wonderful behavior. Biting! Yes, my daugher bites. This was the second time in 3 weeks, the first time I was hysterical..yesterday not so bad. Just disapointed. They call me to tell me, she went up to another kid, who was doing nothing to her, and bit her on the hand. They redirected her told her "NO Biting!" and she got "time out". After some thinking, I think I am going to request to see the tape from yesterday morning, to see what really happened. Not that I think my child is perfect like her Mommy and could not do this, but I need to confirm that my child really is a Pit bull, and recognize my fears that she is not the Princess I think she is!

Really, I know children do bite, and it's a stage. But I would like to see it for my own eyes.

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