Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas.New Years eve.

Long time no post!! lol.WE have been very busy, and I finally have a chance to update everyone!
Our Christmas was great! Jalena got too many toys! lol, Santa was very good to her! I'm a little upset though, I didn't get many pics, for some reason I was more concerned about getting everything on the camcorder. Even though that battery died 20 minutes into our 5 hour gift opening!

Here is Jalena checking out the tree..she was obsessed with the ornaments!

Her new favorite thing: BOOKS!The dollar section at Tar-jay does wonders!lol

Christmas day:dressed for dinner, then the movies!

She loves her new horse! It's cute..it interacts with the tv!

One of her favorites! Her princess table. In which she gets the chairs taken away daily, you ask why? See pic below!

Don't mind the mess, we haven't yet learned the "One toy out at a time" rule!

Another favorite...her princess tent! It's also Giga the cat's favorite, too!

Jumping on the horse!

Then it was New Years eve, Daddy and I went to Hollywood beach, walked down the strip looking for a restaurant to eat at! WE gave up after finding Joe's Pizza...in which was prob the 4th pizza place we saw out of all 7 restaurants we passed! Here is us in the car...

Mommy, before we left!

So that's it! Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and have a Happy and Prosperous new year!

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