Tuesday, December 9, 2008

She missed her Mama!

Yesterday I had to work 12-10 pm, which means I took Jalena to school in the morning, and my mom picked her up and then put her to bed. Which means we did not get to see each other yesterday afternoon :-(

Well...she must of really really missed her mama! B/c I can not count how many times she was up last night..I am sooo sleep deprived. And I can't even tell you what it is that she wanted either..Finally it was 5:15 am, after being up for 45 minutes, I said this is not cool and put her in her crib and went in the other room to sleep.

She was fine, diaper was clean...full tummy...even had some Tylenol in case it was her teeth keeping her up.

Last night, I can' even explain how frustrated I was, actually annoyed is the word. I just wanted to sleep. This morning I am thinking about last night, as I sit here in my office struggling to stay awake..and definitely have my office door shut-too tired and not in the mood to greet everyone as they walk by!

But my feelings of annoyance and frustration are quickly turning to appreciation and gratitude. As much as I don't like my sleep interrupted-I am thankful that it is. Thankful for my baby girl. I think about the women out there that would love to have their sleep interrupted by a whining 13 month old..

I am so lucky to have my princess. I have truly been blessed. And realize in certain situations like this, I need to realize just how lucky I am.

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