Thursday, December 18, 2008

I finally uploaded some pics from my camera! Enjoy!

Jalena and Santa!

Some of the many faces of Jalena! lol

Jalena and Kaylee at the Woodstock Festival (Arts and Crafts show)

Daddy and Mommy out on his birthday!

Yes, WE are JETS fans! lol

Hanging out at the park

I'm such a good Mommy helper since I do attend every holiday party!
Tomorrow Jalena has her Christmas party at school! And Santa is coming! And, yes I will be there! Of course I did not take off of work just to go to the 2 hour party, her teacher must think I'm such a good room Mommy, always attending all of the holiday parties to help, or maybe she thinks I'm annoying?!?! But at least I'm a cool Mom!

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