Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me! Monday

I did not have a dream last night about meeting MckMama (IRL) and her MSC hit it off with my OSC! And so did we! I definetly did not do that, who would dream about a blogger?

I did not cook breakfast, and dinner yesterday! I did not burn any of it either! I definetly am not a good cook!

I did not take Jalena to look at X-mas lights last night, and get tears in my eyes as she stared and said " Oooooohhhhh".

I did not go to the mall yesterday all by myself! and feel bad that I didnt have my princess with me when I saw all the mommies and babies waiting in line to see Santa!

I still do not have to finish x-mas shopping!

Thats it! Have a great week!

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