Monday, November 17, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

*I certainly did not just work 10 1/2 hours and then rush home just so I can take a peek at my sleeping princess.
*I did not eat a granola bar, cookie, and cheetos for dinner, not me b/c I eat healthy..and Always watch what I eat!
*I did not forget to call Jalenas school today to check on her, nope...not me! I always check on her, every day at the same time!I never forget!
*I did not have an awesome weekend with Jalena and her daddy...
*I did not find Britax Marathons (cowmuflodge) on sale @ Target for $59.99, and order 3! Nope not me..bc I dont have a shopping problem, and I somehow will need all 3 in the future.
*I did not just rush home from work, to make sure I had enough time to do my "Not me Monday" before 11:59 pm, then curse out my computer bc it wasnt working...Nope..not me!!
*I did not recently become addicted to a few different blogs in the past few days, and check them 4-5 times during the day today...never..b/c I am not a blog stalker!
*I did not just have SO much fun doing this!
Oh yeah...........AND.........
*This is not my offical first "Not me Monday post"...
If you ever have some time and want to check out an amazing woman and her blog all about her family..check it out! Shes awesome! Her blog is such entertainment!! And I really Do NOT check her blog at least 10 times a day!! NEVER!

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My Three Sons said...

great Not Me. I am becoming just as compulsive about needing to get my posts done in time too!! It may eventually need a 12 step progrm I tell ya :)