Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its been a long 5 days off! Now back to work tomorrow! It was so nice just waking up and having nothing to do, not have to rush in the am to get J to school, rush to get to work, rush to pick her up....etc...On Wednesday I had an appt @ my Ob-Gyn office, and Got to see my midwife who I miss sooo much! Jalena definetly did not enjoy being there as much as I did! Then She went to school to enjoy her thanksgiving feast there! I enjoyed some me time-can't even remember what I did though! lol...

Jalena spent thanksgiving with her dad's family. She had a great time! I did miss her alot though!

Friday we went shopping for Black Friday! It was fun..I must say that Jalena was soooo good! Except for the time when I was changing her diaper in the bathroom of the Pizza place we stopped at for lunch..and she peed all over herself! My fault! lol

Saturday we went to chick-filet for breakfast then went to the park with my best friend and her beautiful daughter, Kaylee.

Today we just hung out at home, now back to the grind tomorrow! Jalena is talking so much now..trys to imitate everything that I say. Her new words this week are Gig-ga (for Giga the cat), crak-ka (For cracker), and Cer-cer (For soccer). She is always calling for her Mama, and wants to hold my hand to go everywhere! She is such a joy. Every day I fall more and more in love with her! Oh How I LOVE being a Mommy!!!

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Kristine said...

Omg, how cute is she?? M has the same top!