Friday, April 3, 2009

Alphabitty Moments - the letter F and A-E

So there is someone in the blog world who I'm sure everyone knows! MckMama! Well I really look up to her, admire her parenting skills, and her strong faith. Her Best friend MamaBear has been so sweet to coordinate all kinds of help for MckMama while Stellan is in the hospital.

Prayers for Stellan

So I came across MamaBears blog, and decided to follow her on her weekly blog carnival....
The letter for the week is "F".

"F" is for Footie Pajamas!!

Since this is new to me, I've decided to catch up on the letters I've missed the weeks before!
"A" is for Art Work!
"B" is for blue tongue! Which we sent a pic of to Abby!
"C" is for Christine! ME!

"D" is for Dinsoaur!!

"E" is for My EVERYTHING!!


mom24boys said...

Welcome! Your daughter is beautiful.

Mocha Dad said...

Nice project and cute photos.

Jessie said...

Your little princess is beautiful! What a doll!

MamaBear said...

Thanks for playing along! Looking forward to seeing your pic for this week. :)