Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Da Da

So last night when I was feeding Jalena I realized she was making new noises, so I started saying Da-Da over and over again! She said it once, I ran to get my phone to record it, and I must of said Da-Da another hundred times, and she wouldnt do it. When I picked her up from school, her teacher said that she swore Jalena said Da-Da once today, then while at dinner tonight, she said it again!! Yaaayyy Jalena!!! We went to Cracker Barrel tonight, here are some pics. They have cute little rocking chairs outside and had to take some shots, but of course as I'm trying to get a good picture, the camera batteries die!

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Tiara said...

She is so pretty! Congrats on saying dada, it's so exciting when they hoy milestones.